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Love Breakups Zindagi (2011) Movie - Photos & Wallpapers

Love Breakups Zindagi is an upcoming Hindi romantic film, written and directed by Sahil Sangha and produced by Dia Mirza, Zayed Khan and Sahil Sangha under the banner of Sahara Motion Pictures and Born Free... more
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Language: Hindi
Release Date: October, 07, 2011
Directed By: -Sahil Sangha
Produced By: -Dia Mirza, Zayed Khan

Love and breakups have become a common component of urban zindagi. As much as predictability has become a part of most romantic comedies. This zillionth Bollywood spin-off on the second half of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is no different!

Jai (Zayed Khan) and Naina (Dia Mirza) are in their individual mismatched relationships. Until they meet in a common friend's wedding. Amidst song-dance routine, cupid strikes Jai by the interval point. Naina is uncertain until her doting mother advices ' wahi karo jo tumhara dil kehta hai ' (how pioneering and profound!) Alas she takes a little too long to decide while the viewer has already reached to the conformist conclusion.

Till date, Bollywood has devised only two alternatives for the climax of a film like this. In the feel good format, the other man willingly decides to let go his ladylove for the main hero (like Salman Khan did in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai ). The other option is when this other man acts difficult (Jimmy Sheirgill in Tanu Weds Manu ). This film belongs to the former feel-good variety.

While the film could have brought some variety with its other assorted couples, the problem with the writing is that all the supporting tracks are half-baked. Jai's friend (Cryus Sahukar) falls for a 'Sheila' (Tisca Chopra) who isn't exactly 'jawaan'. While this odd-aged couple has its moments of charm and comedy, their bonding could certainly have been explored in a better way. The girl from Dairy Milk ad (Umang Jain) has graduated to having ice-creams here after her multiple break-offs, but her sweet revenge spree was far from funny.

The film does have a lighthearted mood throughout but one does feel that its sense of humour, though not bad, could have been more fine-tuned and sharp. While this brand of comedy is anytime better than a senseless slapstick, there is a feeling that the film could have been funnier. At the same time while the director tries to keep things subtle and avoid melodrama, some situations lack the basic intensity that the drama demands. Like Jai's breakup with his first girlfriend (Pallavi Sharda) comes across so casually that it seems as if nothing has happened. The pacing is slow and the length is a little too long for a predictable film.

Source- Indiatimes


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